Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall... is in the Air

Well a few stitches happened here after the long weekend.
I did get the floor pillow put together and had enough leftover to make a mini floor cushion .... for those little bottoms to sit on. I still have to get he bean bag filler for the larger cushion. I used fiberfill stuffing in the smaller one and it worked out well.

I did also get a Christmas stocking made for a friend of our daughter's little fella.

And of course I was getting a few things put together at different stages for the class I will teach Monday night.
It is a lot of fun sharing my love of sewing with others.
I have been working on the tomatoes too .... only a couple more caners worth and I will be done with them for this year. I have tried something a little different.... jalapeno peppers in the tomatoes..... perfect for chili.

I was part of a Fall post card exchange and my partner was Eglea from Brazil ..... this is the lovely card she sent to me ........ I just love the thread painting that she did on it and how it captures the falling leaves.
Thank You Eglea I just love it!!!

here is the one I sent to Eglea
from the idea to finished post card

A big thanks goes out to Sheila for organizing another swap.
Well thanks for stopping by
stay in stitches


  1. Eglea's cards are so beautiful - and so definitely autumn! I love the fabric you have used for your floor cushion. xx

  2. Whata fun floor cushion , great for little bottoms and sweet stocking . Eglea's card is wondefrul I too love the thread painting she has done :- ) Thanks for being part of the swap .

  3. Você tem trabalhado bastante!
    Fico feliz que você tenha gostado do cartão! Estas são as cores do outono brasileiro. Aqui as diferenças das estações não são fortes como aí. A maioria das nossas arvores não perde as folhas. No outono e no inverno as arvores ficam um pouco mais "peladas".
    Boas costuras e boas aulas!
    Um abraço!

    You have worked hard!
    Glad you liked the card! These are the colors of the Brazilian fall. Here the differences between the seasons are not as strong there. Most of our trees do not lose leaves. In autumn and winter the trees are a little more "naked".
    Good stitching and good lessons!