Tuesday, April 7, 2015

still snowing .... still sewing

With all the snow happening I am glad that I love to sew and I have been teaching some  classes to share that love.
Here are a few samples of the T-shirt blocks that will become quilts.

I have put a few things together in the last couple of days
a couple of tote/shopping bags. Both from the same amount of fabric  just a different shape and handle style.

an idea for another class ...... no Y seams. This one is a perfect size for a baby quilt.

samples for my next class Pick a Block Place Mats..... the first one is ready to machine quilt. I had hand quilted the first samples.

my quick reference cards

I do find that I learn a little more about teaching from my students and try to improve with each class. This is coming from a gal that hates to talk in front of any size of group. But when it comes to sewing I seam to do a little better. I thank my students for their patients as well, sharing their joy of learning and conversation and of course energy ( I am always recharged after teaching a class )

Here is a little something that Hubby and I make ..... portable pressing surfaces, with a handy handle on the backside.
in my last class they all had them....and loved being able to have their work areas all together

I will be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network  . It's been a while since I have linked up This is a great spot to see what ladies around Canada have been up to.
Now to go and enjoy a nice cup of cocoa.
Thanks for stopping by
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  1. I really like the t shirt blocks Annette. I just received a large box of 42 t shirts for a king size quilt. I like your colour scheme

  2. I think it would be fun to be in one of your classes , I am sure you are a great teacher , it shows by what your students create . Great idea for the pressing surface !

  3. More snow? I'm sorry, I bet you are more than ready for warmer weather! Great projects all around, it looks like you've been having fun sewing :-)

  4. Great to see what you have been doing, Annette. I agree, so good that you have a hobby to do while the weather's not good. Lots of interesting projects going on here! I like the idea of the reference cards for your classes, also the individual pressing boards.