Monday, April 20, 2015

this week in stitches

As the week blows past us ( the wind helps here a lot for sure ) I am managing to get a few projects done or at least near done. Last week I finished the attic window and this week I have just the binding left on the quilt I call rock climbing .
before the quilting
 This one is made with a pattern I came up with that I call Candy Bars it will be going off to Victoria's Quilts when done. I did get one more block of my BOM done 7 to go. And I did a little baking too. ( opps I forgot to hit publish sew I am continuing from last week ;0)    )
And after a busy weekend I am hoping to get a start on this years FMQ challenge. Better late than never.It will be fun trying out new ideas and creating pillows at the same time. I will share the links as I get going on it.
at the show
an old favorite
There was a quilt show in Drake this past weekend hosted by Between Friends Quilt Guild. I have never been apart of a guild but may have to stop in on a meeting sometime to see what it is all about.I have been a guest speaker with the quilts / quilt tops from the McCalls Quilt Star Challenge in 2012.
Any way there were a lot of lovely quilts at the show and a lot of friendly faces ..... a few from back home and some from the area I live in now....... good visiting all around. And a wee bit of shopping with 3 vendors 2 inside and a traveling one in a semi .
a new twist on an old favorite
all straight seams ... squares and triangles

I have been working on some class ideas for the fall and winter, I have come up with 12 different ideas and just have to fine tune them and maybe reduce the numbers a little and get that all to the college.
a few posies to brighten our weekend
Well now it is time to see what I can get done this week
      in stitches

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