Friday, November 27, 2015

post cards - Seasons Greetings

Well the weather here in the prairies has a definite feel of winter, and Christmas is less than a month away.
I was impressed with how fast my post cards made it to their different points of new homes.
They all arrived within a day or two of the other and that is something with them going across the country to Nova Scotia and then one to The  Netherlands and one to Portugal.
 opps I see that I took the photos before adding the finishing touches of a little embroidery and a small ribbon

I will post the ones I receive as they arrive.
the little collection of ornaments hanging in the evergreen boughs 
Have a great weekend
in stitches
here is Jeanneke's with the trimmins


  1. Thanks for swapping, Annette. I love the card you created for me!
    Hugs and blessings,


  2. Pretty cards Annette - it's always good to know that they have arrived safely. xx

  3. Lovely ornaments on these cards. Another wonderful finish.

  4. I liked a lot of the cards. These ornaments were very well represented in them.

  5. They are so beautiful and isn't it wonderful they arrived do quickly . Hugs

  6. They are even prettier in real :)
    I loved mine, thank you so much Annette!
    So fun this swap!