Friday, June 24, 2016

a little me sewing

The other day I got out some sun sensitive dye ,that I have had on hand for a while, and did a little project for me..... just a little play time :0)
I started with a tank top I like and made a pattern off of it and then cut fabric and set it in the sun with some leaves and over the next day I had a new top
my starting point
finished top ready for Canada Day

now I want to play a bit more with other items and other colors.

next I cut out some Capri pants for the summer  ... now to get them sewn.
That's it for now thanks for stopping by
 Have a great weekend
in stitches


  1. the dying looks fun... and I love the top you made. It's good to have a bit of me sewing time

  2. Wow , your top is such fun , I so want to try this !