Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A few stitches for a friend

Today I am looking forward to taking a class with Pat Pauly from New York. It is a class with piecing using freezer paper to build is your pattern on ,cut apart,sew on and re assemble.. Tomorrow I will be taking her improv class, with my bags of scraps.

On another topic I have come across a great pattern and cause. It's a little something that a few friends of mine could use and I am sure you have one or two that would give them a try as well. It is a knitted breast prosthetic. The organization is called Knitted Knockers , they have groups in different countries that one could contact if you were in need of a "knocker"
or wanted to knit or crocheting for them. This organization started in the USA and there are several patterns and videos on their site. The pattern is easy to follow and with the small ball of yarn I picked up I was able to make 2 and there should be enough for 1/2 of one more.

I have already been to a friend's home and we got one fitted and stuffed to make her feel great. She can hardly wait for me to drop them off. She can not believe how light they are. I will give more feedback as she uses them through the summer.

I will  be linking up with Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great day and of course, stay
In stitches

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  1. Love the Knitted Knockers; how clever. Thanks, Annette, for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!