Thursday, June 16, 2016

stitching away in June

Hello to you all.
This month is flying by, spring is turning into summer and oh how we enjoy that. Even with the nice warm temps out there I have been finding time to sew, not always getting a post done :0( but I will try to do one a week to keep in touch.
In the last little while I have stitched up a bunch of bags with elastic tops ...... mystery bags for her classroom and when talking to her tonight she also used some for story stones that the kids made in class. So now the kids can share their stories through the story stones with their families.
I did a couple of classes with Pat Pauly ..... what a fun class

the first of my big leaf blocks

improv class
to me this is a slough in a farmers field
now to stitch it
from the improv class.....
not finished yet
 and not sure what will be next
but I am having fun finding my way with it
I did a few more splendid sampler blocks
finished piecing the top of the Craftsy BOM
did a little more sewing for my niece
now to try and get my sewing space tidied up a bit
 and stitch a few more of the splendid sampler blocks, when I am not at work or in the garden or gone fishing at the campsite.
sew for now that's all
in stitches


  1. Interesting work going on that leaf block!!!

  2. Wonderful things happening in your sewing space , I just love how your craftsy bom turned out . Hope mine turns out as well .