Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pumpkin pudding... getting ready for the holidays

Hello dear friends,out there in blog land.
This last while I have been sewing up a storm for a local craft sale. Now with that over I am still making some microwave pot holders. And that should wrap that up for now.
I had some fun this weekend making a steamed pumpkin pudding...... first round 4 quarts second round 10 quarts. All gluten free and they turned out yummy.
I will give a few quarts away for friend with family that are celiac.

We had my mother in law and sister in law out as well and we made butter balls, a breadcrumb ball for noodle soup. After making up the regular one we tried a small batch for me that were gluten free. Oh did I enjoy them.It's been years since I have had them.
 After the butter balls were done we made a batch of fresh egg noodles. It's been a while since I made those but still remember how it's done :-)
After that busy day we turned in early, feeling good about what we had accomplished.

Sorry I didn't get pictures on my camera to share. I hope to share this week some of the sewing I am doing now.
Well that's all for now.
Stay in stitches


  1. Steamed pumpkin pudding? A new one to me. And butter balls? Goodness - culinary delights I have never heard of. Glad you enjoyed them. xx

  2. I have never had steamed pumpkin pudding either but I love anything pumpkin so I am sure this would be no exception , sounds yummy as does the other goodies you created .