Sunday, March 13, 2011

quilting knows no age limits

Well I did get almost everything on my list done, just Morgan's quilt to do . I have to  decide how I want to quilt it and in what colors.I even have my 9 patch almost done as well and have a friends to quilt as well. Hers is for her great grandson.I had taught her how to do the disappearing 9 patch quilt block as well as her neighbor, sew you guessed it they both have one made, one smaller  for a babe and one to cover a double bed. They where so excited to figure it out and make it their own  They both enjoyed learning a new way to put a block together. I found out that there is no age limit in quilting or sharing ideas as these ladies are 30 - 40 yrs my senior. Earlier this winter I showed the two gals how to do a scrappy block that I found on the Quilter's Cache  a few years back... this is a great site for quilt blocks in a wide range of sizes, I check it out often.
Sure enjoyed a walk out side today sunny and calm and felt like spring is trying to come here to us in good old Saskatchewan. I know it will put a smile on many faces when it gets here.
Hubby is down and out with the flu,just resting a lot this weekend ...hope he feels better soon with out sharing.
I think I will get back to some quilting.
Take care out there
as always keep stitching

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  1. Hey Mom, when you talk about another website, you can copy the website from the address bar and paste it into your blog post so that people can check out what you are talking about. You can also create a section where you add websites you like along the right side of your blog by going into design and adding links. Another tip, you might want to go into where you have your settings for comments and set how you want to moderate them. On my blog, I have to approve any comments that appear, just so that nothing inappropriate shows up.
    Lookign great so far!