Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekend hmmm.. what to do

So glad that the weekend is here ... boy am I ready for it. I had little time to quilt this week I was just to tired.
Last night I did manage to get the backing pieced for Morgan's quilt and I also have it pin basted next to the machine as soon asI plan a little of what I would like to quilt on it.
 I have also started a small quilt using a pattern tutorial from stash manicure ( end of feb ) it is a stash ( scrap) busting quilt  6 blocks are pieced so far and alternate blocks are cut. We will be going off the the city today with friends.  Checking out the rv show and doing a little shopping @ costco . I have almost finished the novel that I am reading as well as that pair of socks that I have been knitting. Ghee I wounder what I would get done if I only did one thing at a time hmmmm .... I might just get board. Next week I will also be looking at a bridal gown to see if I want to do the alterations ( more like if I think I will have the time to do them ) they do help me take some of the quilting classes that I am looking at in June so I will have to give it some thought.
Well I should go and cut a few more strips before we head off for the day.
Keep in stitches

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