Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The end is near

It really is near. The end of March, the end of the week as well as the end of winter we hope, and almost the end of Morgans quilt. I am almost done the quilting on this quilt, a few more of the shadows then the background with a filler, probably meandering. And then the boarder. Then it will be on to the next one, soon I should be all caught up with the older quilts and just work one new ones and work up the scrap box. I am amazed how many have come out of there so far.Not to mention the dogie beds that I have filled with the to small scraps and batting scraps. Sew glad to have someone who just loves to get them for her kennel. You do not feel so bad about tossing the fabric and batting out as it still has a purpose. Not doing quite as much this week I have a bit of a sore  back from work.  Maybe a massage tomorrow night will help. Well it is wing night so we will be off to meet up with friends to enjoy some down time.
Keep on stitching 

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