Tuesday, April 26, 2011

50 ... sew how did that happen ??

Well Sunday I hit the big 50. Pretty painless, and full of family. I had our children home to share my day and then we went to hubbies sister's for Easter dinner. When everyone realized that it was my birthday they all sang happy birthday to me... a nice touch. Sew  now that the day is past  I do not feel any older than I did before.It's not as old as what it seamed like when we where little kids. Funny how that works.
I sew do want to thank all of my family and friends that remembered me and showered me with all types of gifts even though I feel that their friendship is the greatest gift.
As for the sewing front not much has happened , I did make some curtains for my Daughter  and hem some pants I am looking forward to some quilting after I fix a couple dresses. I think I am going to be a little selfish and not take in more alterations until I get caught up with my own stuff. I always feel that I have to get the other stuff done first ( I do not like to keep people waiting )and with work there is not as much time or energy to get it all done and I do not want to loose the fun of sewing either.
your in stitches

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