Friday, April 8, 2011

the weekend .. where to start......

Busy day at work today. Now to take some time to catch up on things this weekend and maybe get started on the pink and gray quilt. It sure feels good to get some of these things caught up. And then you start to think of the next projects that are just waiting for you. I should make a list of the kits I have on hand and the ones I want to put together from my stash, not to mention the ones I can make from the scrap stash. I did get 6 or 7 made from that department in the last couple months and I know that there are a few more hiding in there. I sew do like to start new projects or work on a new idea but I have to get these other done. Sew I will,or should, try to get one finished of every new one started.
Sew I am now off to put a few stitches in a sweater that I started last weekend, working on the sleeves so it is getting closer to done and then I will take up something from my list to do for hand work and set the knitting needles aside for a while.
Sweet dreams and stitches and seams

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