Friday, April 15, 2011

spring snow

This morning we woke up to a lite dusting of snow, not any where near what they got in Alberta. Now it is all gone and a chance of rain/snow for the weekend.Noticed the tulips at work are budding out but have not bloomed, hope they wait until it warms up just a little. 
Off to a arts council show tonight , a comedy routine. this is the last one for the season. Should be a good time.
Off to the city in the morning to help pick out fabric for a quilt for a young gal.. for her grown up bed. Should be fun helping someone else buy fabric and to see what I come home with.My friend think I am ill if I can go into a fabric shop and not buy anything. I do try to limit myself and only get what I think I will use with what I already have as I am trying to reduce my stash a bit this year. Sew far I have only really worked on my scraps. I still have yardage and kits to work up, but one stitch at a time and I will get more worked  up.
Time for super
 keep on stitching

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