Sunday, April 17, 2011

sun and snow...... spring

Well the sun is shining off and on today and there are a few snow showers going through, but luckily the snow is melting and not amounting to anything at all .... at this time.  There are a few other signs of spring out there as well, the robins are back, a few flowers are poking there noises out of the ground, and the mosquitoes are looking for blood.  : (

 I have done a little quilting this weekend.   Just the borders left on the pink and gray quilt, making a few grab bags (found in American Patchwork and Quilting a  better homes and garden quilt mag. and on the  web site) Thought they might make nice gifts/gift bag for some of my friends.  I also was able to pin baste a couple smaller quilts this morning after church.   Then I went over to a friends to teach her how to bind a quilt after lunch.  Yesterday I went to the city with another friend to help her pick out fabric for a quilt for her granddaughters big bed. I think it will be very cute and can hardly wait to see it done up. It was a good and fun day for fabric shopping as the weather was cold and damp with rain and snow in the air.We had left our guys at home sew they where happy not to be waiting on us, sew we didn't have to rush. You just can't rush a good quilt.

 With sew many places with water troubles we can count our blessings as we are still dry here.We keep checking and hope that it will stay that way.

 stay in stitches

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