Monday, May 2, 2011

Aprons and bibs

Well it seams that I did it again....... I got myself side tracked. I came across a bib pattern in, Better Homes and Gardens - Quilts and More Summer 2011. I thought gee I could make some out of my left over batting and fabric  (  9 bibs later and I have only just started ) just have to add the snaps and they are ready. This might be a good way to use up fabric from baby quilts to. Hmmmm...... the ideas keep coming.

aprons for young cooks

I also got 9 aprons made for our daughter , whom is a teacher and has a cooking club at school. When I asked if they had any aprons she said no. Sew I said that I would make some, well they are made and in the mail. hope the group like them.

It was a good way to use up some of the fabric that I have on hand, as I promised myself that I would reduce the amount that I have on hand. I should have started counting the fabric yardage leaving and coming in to see how I am doing with it. I bet if I sit and think a bit I might come up with a number. But how do you count up the fabric amounts that you consider scraps. They seam to multiply in the bins and boxes that they are tossed into. I did start to take out what looked like yardage, but I have a way to go there too. I guess I will be making a few more scrappy quilts this year. Wish me luck. 

I did manage to get the small quilt done and dropped it off with my friend who made it.  She is happy that it is in her hands now sew  she can now get the binding on it and then it will be off before the babe is even here.

It is a beautiful day outside the sun is shining with a bit of cloud cover every now and then. I hope that I was able to get some of that sunshine in the package as our daughter had another dumping of snow on the weekend, mixed with rain and ice.It even took out the power in different places for over a day.

I have started to get myself organized for the Stitches Conference that is the end of the month and first week of June. I will be taking 4 different  classes two technique classes  a class on blue printing with fabric and a quilt finishing class.

  Well it's time to get back to the list of  things to do this Monday .
Sew keep in stitches

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  1. I love the bibs so much... what a great idea and using up some of the smaller pieces too!

    Thanks for your comment on my guest post at Sew We Quilt... was fun to do..