Monday, May 23, 2011

a hot cappaciono day

Well we had a nice rain this morning and drizzle off and on  since, temps around 4.
Sew off to the city we went. Shopping for a new vacuum .Ours died on Saturday .
We bought a dyson ball upright vacuum.Look out dirt and threads we are coming to get you hahaha. a few yrs back when I thought the old one was showing it's age ( 10 -12 yrs old ) we started looking and I had said that I would like to get a dyson, all that good advertising.I will comment later on how it works out. First we have to get it our of the box and see what needs to be put together.
Last night I did get  one block made with the angle ruler .... it was okay but I think my center points should match better I will be off to try another and see how that goes. I am tempeted to take a little extra fabric for this class as not to mess up the fabrics for the quilt and run out.
In the mean time I hope to get another quilt quilted and work on a wedding gown alteration.
Sew it is off to work ( play ) I go.
Have a great day .... cuddle with a quilt
yours in stitches

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