Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost ready

Well the week is almost done and I have a good start on packing the camper and then off to class. I have to get a few more groceries and then I should be ready. I know the conference is close when Brenda comes for lunch on her way. We are looking forward to a good visit and sharing of ideas. Who knows what we will cook up this year. Brenda has tested a few of my patterns.  Sew maybe I will come up with a few more ideas for patterns for her to test for me.  I may try to have them available on line not sure what is involved for that.
 I find it hard to believe that the month of May is coming to a close already where did it go?? This whole year seams to be flying by. I hope it can slow down a bit for the summer sew that we can all enjoy the sunshine and warmth.
Off to make some supper . Take care and stay in stitches

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  1. Have fun at your conference .... I am also in shock as to where May has gone!!