Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aussie made

A new little treasure
 a lovely piece of fabric brought to me all the way from Australia.
A fabric that had a bit of a journey.
When we visited my family in Australia my cousins did not know of a fabric or quilt shop sew I was not able to shop for any thing to add to my stash back home. Sew when my good friend Carol went down under she had talked to her good friend Nic whom had a few connections.If I have it right, Nic knew a lady who had a shop that closed and her daughter was able to fiend some fabric that was designed by an Aussie and made there as well. When Nic gave the fabric to Carol she asked her to tell me that I am to make something for myself with it.
Sew Thank you Nic and Carol and any of the others that helped to find this piece of fabric. I am not sure at this time what I will make, but I will make something for myself as requested and I will post it when I have it made.

Short bread cookies are cooling ..... almost done the baking : )
In stitches and hugs


  1. The fabric is lovely. It looks like Silver Wattle. I can't imagine anyone not knowing where a fabric shop is. I guess there are some who don't sew :)

  2. That is a lovely fabric.. I haven't seen it before and I love the wattle... couldn't get more Aussie than that...