Thursday, December 29, 2011

The week after Christmas

Let it Snow Red work gift
'It's been a busy week with a little sewing on boxing day and a sausage making day on the 27th and then back at work on the 28th. We have had a lot of turkey with the trimmings left over to work on .... it will take a few days and a care package I think to clean them up, just might have to freeze a bit too.

I received my very first piece of red work from Sheila at
She sure does some very fine stitching.Something I will treasure for sure.

Boxing day project
It sure was nice to have our kids home for the holidays. As most folks find , it sure get quite after they head for their own homes.

Soon we all will be getting back into routine and projects that have been on hold. I have a few to finish up and a few more to get started.I am going to try to get some of the fabric used that I have in my stash before getting more as well as down sizing my magazine collection( must be over 100 for sure )

There are a few things I would like to work on in 2012.
One would be learning and using my EQ7 , as well as working up some of the blocks from the farmer's wife book.

knitting wrist warmers

I also would like to challenge myself to keep up with a bit of knitting and if I can get all the sock yarn worked up maybe knit a sweater for myself.
But I do love the feel of hand knit socks sew maybe the sweater might be for someone smaller. It's early and one can always change their mind.

Well tonight I feel a little tuckered out sew no sewing for me( to many mistakes happen) maybe a cup of tea and a cuddle with a quilt

Until next time
take care
In stitches and hugs of course


  1. Great red work from Sheila... I love the colours in your boxing day project... happy new year Annette... it's been lovely getting to know you in 2011....

  2. So glad you liked the red work , I love snowmen too :-) Is the boxing day project the baby quilt? Looks really cute . Socks , now I have to get started on those real soon ,have the wool and the needles just need the courage ;-)Enjoy your day. hugs Sheila