Wednesday, December 7, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesdays

Prayer partners Christmas wall hanging....... she received it Monday evening
stocking fro Grandma Schultz
Well this Wednesday brings a couple finishes and some baking
I think I have most of my sewing and quilting done ...... maybe one or two more projects.....
I did get a start on some baking here are the jam jams
Just the start

 and I hope to get the butter tarts made as well I will be using phyllo dough for them this year . It makes a very tender and crisp tart.... hubby says they are a bit messy but yummy.
well I am heading back to the baking
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In stitches and flour


  1. Your prayer partners wall hanging is just sweet as is the stocking for Grandma Schlutz .My aunt Mary always made those jam jam cookies , they are yummy and butter tarts are my all time favorites ,think I'll come to your house for tea ;-) hugs Sheila

  2. Those jam jams look delicious. Your gifts are beautiful and will be much appreciated by the recipients, Annette. Good for you for almost being done your holiday projects!

  3. That wall hanging is absolutely adorable!! WOW.

  4. It does feel great to get projects finished. I will have to try your tip to use phyllo for the tart crust - we love butter tarts at our house!

  5. Love that wall hanging - and can almost smell the baking, but then again, maybe that's coming from my kitchen LOL! Sometimes it's hard to make the choice between sewing and...... isn't it!