Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well this is a year of Firsts.
I designed a quilt    .... Jewels of the Night...... for a challenge and entered it
and now I have entered myself with Jewels of the Night into
Mc Calls Quilt Design Star 2012
it took me a while to get my picture loaded but I think it is successful and I am now entered
Voting starts May 1st you can vote once a day per group
I have entered into the Professional group as I have sold a few patterns in the past that I have self published. There are 2 groups Professional and Amateur.
Sew if you are inclined pop by and vote for your favorite quilt/designer
vote once,  vote often.
Those who win at the different levels of the competition will have a few extra challenges over the next few months.
I told myself if you do not enter you will never know ..... sew that  is why I did it.
And the fact that I have had such wonderful people say that they think this is a great idea and worth a try, and have given me great support along the journey.

The deadline is this weekend to the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference 10 th Anniversary Challenge submissions sew I will post the quilt sew that if you go to vote you have an idea of what it looks like. I could only submit one picture sew here it is

Jewels of the Night
Designed  by Annette Schultz

I do have many showing different details of the quilt.
Just let me know and I will post other pics
thanks for letting me share
in stitches


  1. What a beautiful quilt. Great idea to enter it in competitions. I will definitely vote for you as much as possible. Good luck :)

  2. I will definitely be voting for you , this quilt is amazing Annette , my only regret is not seeing it in person . Just beautiful and I hope you win!!!! hugs Sheila

  3. Mom, when voting starts, you should post the link here and on FB.