Monday, April 30, 2012

Voting starts Tuesday May 1

let the voting begin ....

I am one of the qualified quilts in the
 Mc Calls Quilt Design Star 2012.
Voting starts May 1st and runs through to May 20 th. You can vote once a day in each category. I am in the professional category as I have sold some self published patterns.
here is a link to the voting page with my quilt

do look around and vote for the quilts you like, you can vote once a day in each of two categories from May 1 to May 20. This will send us on to the next round of designing.
There are some great quilts on display ...good luck to all who have entered.
I hope the link works fine for you all out there if not let me know or check in with McCall's Quilting web site and look under Quilt Design Star 2012 to find more info.

In stitches ( until the 20th that's for sure)

thanks to all that have thought I could do this... I would not have entered with out the support of friends and family
I will enjoy the ride and see where it leads me


  1. Congratulations !! and best of luck!
    I had a browse around, and will certainly go back and vote for your quilt! Great job!

  2. I will certainly do that...what I can see is lovely

  3. I checked the link and it worked fine so I will be voting as often as possible , you deserve to win:-) Good luck!!
    hugs Sheila

  4. All the best.... it is a lovely quilt.... and hope I remember to go back but I have voted...

  5. Love the quilt, have my vote!