Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well I have my finial quilt design done and submitted to McCall's Quilting. Come Tuesday October 2 the voting will begin.
Holding On......
one last peak before the voting starts
I had a busy week last week trying to get it finished. When things go to smoothly something is bound to happen ... well sometimes. And for me my Machine broke down just as I was getting a good start on my free motion quilting.  I do have another machine and it is a nice new machine but I have never tried to quilt with it and I knew this was not the time for that ....sew.... a good friend on mine loaned me her machine ( which is the same) to do my quilting. It worked sew nice, I had the quilting finished Friday with only the binding and label to do.

Now I have to do some paper work and get the quilt off in the mail to McCall's Quilting and wait and see how everyone dose.
Only one week until they are on line. I can hardly wait to see what all the quilts look like. And how they all have used the theme.
 I know that there will be 18 great quilts made by some new quilt designers.

on another note ....
This past weekend we where at our daughter's doing a few things around her palce, including picking about 26 gallons of grapes. I have started to make jams and jelly and  a few jars of juice. Soon I think I will turn purple ... but they are sew good. I know we will have some to share with friends.

well I'm off to get my quilt packed
have a nice evening
in stitches


  1. Can't wait for the voting to begin , I am sure your work will be right up heir at the top . Sure hope they can fix your machine , not a good time to break. Oh yumm grape jelly !

  2. Sorry... thought I was already following you. I'm following again! : )