Wednesday, September 12, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

It seams like forever since I last posted on a Wednesday.
I do have one main project on the go, and if you have been following me you'll guess that it is my Challenge 3 design for the McCall's Quilting  Design challenge.
I have a good start on the design wall. I have built my background and I am getting my applique ready to attach and then I will figure out what I want for my borders.
I did try to shop for fabric before I had the background size drawn..... big mistake. It left me open to too many choices  for color and block designs. I had wonderful help at the Haus of Stitches on the weekend .... thanks ladies....   I have decided on size and shape and even the number of blocks needed. I did do a little shopping at a friends in her scrap stash for a couple colors to add to the mix. What would we do with out our quilting buddies ??
And now that I have been home for a couple days I have the blocks built and assembled into the background. I went with what had been my first choice .... Log Cabin though Grandmother's Flower Garden was a close second ( forgot to grab the pattern Marci Baker has to build them a little quicker , I 'll have to put one on hold )

both log cabins are the same size
one is in a traditional setting and the other bright and off centered
with all sides the same
stay tuned to see how they work together

I know I have a lot to do in a little time  my weekends have been booked for the next little while sew I will be sewing a lot during the week. At this point I feel that I am on track and hope to be rolling right along .
I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network. Check in and see what the others have been up to across Canada.
Off to sew
In stitches


  1. Good luck with this project, I am impressed with anybody who tackles a challenge!

  2. I think you have things well underway Annette , these blocks look great :-) Keep on stitching .