Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 weeks ... but who's counting

I just can not believe how fast time is flying by.
Just over 5 weeks until Christmas and I have to get started on sew many things to get ready for the Holiday.
I did get my Holiday Lane Pillow finished to be posted on the 29 th if my memory is right ( I'll be double checking that today)
I have 8 more set of half blocks made for my son's quilt and many many more to go( my goal is to have it pieced by the holidays and maybe quilted to )and 3 Christmas stockings to make as well as a Prayer Partner Christmas gift .... glad I have ideas for these already.
I will do a little baking as we do not seam to eat as much of the goodies any more ( might just be me as I  am gluten free) I always make a favorite for each member of our family.( full flour for them ).

I have to take both my sewing machine and serger back to the store to be serviced again they have ordered a new mother board for the sewing machine and the serger is still out of whack I have tried new needles / re threading/ different needles/ different thread/ different fabric all with the same results. I will be sew happy when they are both running like new again. I have been making baby undershirts for a friend to take with her on her mission trip coming in February as well as for Lutheran World Relief  Canada - Baby Bundles.
Well I hope you did not mind I did not get any photos in the post I will next time
I wish you all a great day filled with love and laughter and a little sew too
In stitches

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  1. Oh you have a busy schedule ahead of you and that reminder of time is a little scary ;-)I am sure you will accomplish all you set out to do you seem very organized!