Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Works in Progress ..... Silent Night

I seam to always have something on the ironing board or at the sewing machine.

The last few days I have been working out a idea I had for a Christmas wall hanging. I wanted to make something special for my Prayer Partner at church for the Christmas gift exchange next week.
I looked at a few of my patterns on hand and then thought maybe I would design something that would do the trick.
The next morning I had an idea in my head and sketched it out and I now have it sewn and quilted and only need to do a label for it.
I call it Silent Night, Holy Night, I have done it up two ways one with a little embroidery and the other with an extra window in the church. You gotta have options.
I may do up a pattern for it as well but that would be for next year. Sew with out further adieu here they are

Hope you like how they have turned out, I hope my Prayer Partner likes it too.
I will be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network stop in and check out what the others have been up to as well.
 I will be posting in the Holiday Lane Blog Hope on Friday. There have been some great pillows sew far.
Have a great week stay in stitches, I know I will. I still have a few more gifts to make.
  in stitches


  1. That's really lovely. I like the swirls that you quilted in the background night sky. What a lovely gift for your Prayer Partner.


  2. Delightful, Annette! Your Prayer Partner undoubtedly will be blessed by your thoughtfulness. :-)

  3. So cute! You have captured the meaning of Christmas with it! Beautiful!

  4. That is just lovely! And you are right, one needs options.....