Saturday, August 31, 2013

EQ7 Summer Draw Along

Well this is the last month of the Draw along with EQ7. Thanks EQ7 and Jenny our instructor for a fun way to learn more about the software and to get using it. I know I have learned a lot from the lessons and have encouraged a few friends who have the program to try this out and play a little.

This is my sample of this months lesson I hope to play a little more and make up the mini lesson with the flying geese
When is was doing my satin stitching I did it in a continuous line starting at a corner and working over the outside curves  and then turning and stitching the inside curve. I took a pic of the backside of the block to show you how I stitched it.
Using the stabilizer helped to keep the block nice and flat after stitching
Thanks again Jenny and EQ7
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will create with their blocks in October.
Now to go and link up with EQ7 and see this months blocks.
 In stitches


  1. Great block Annette and a great way to learn the program !

  2. Great job Annette! Thanks for sewing along with us. I can't wait to see your finished project in October! :)