Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Card Swap

Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World put together a post card swap last month. We had a flower theme for our post cards. this is what I chose to make for my swap partner, Raewyn  @ http://stitchingfarmgirl.blogspot.com/

She received it in the mail yesterday ( I mailed it a little early ) I am glad that Raewyn likes her card. I had chosen the Prairie Lily as it is our Provincial flower. I look forward to finding mine in the mail in the next little while. I know it will be a little treasure too.
Thanks Sheila for putting us together for the swap and organizing the whole swap.
in stitches until next time


  1. thats a great little postcard you made...

  2. Oh it is sweet Annette and a great idea to do your provincial flower . Thanks for participating .Hugs Sheila

  3. It looks just as good in real life :-) Thank you Annette, and also thank you to Sheila.

  4. Hi Annette, I'm a bit slow in my blog reading at the moment - I have visited this post and was excited to see MY postcard, but I didn't leave a comment... it is a lovely card, I love that Lily, and was a great swap - thank you!!
    BTW your Santa hanging - previous post - is gorgeous - what a great idea, I will have to look more closely at my cards for inspiration.