Friday, August 23, 2013

Post Card Swap

My lovely post card arrived only 9 days after it was mailed. Considering that we live on opposite sides of the planet I think that was pretty good. ( sorry that it took me just as long to get it posted )
Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World in Nova Scotia set up a Floral post card swap. This gave me the opportunity to swap with Raewyn in New Zealand.
The post card that she made for me was one of her first and I think she did a great job.
It features what she called the NZ Christmas Tree  - Pohutakawa . I have looked it up and I agree that it would make a beauty of a Christmas Tree.
Thanks Raewyn for taking part and swapping with me and a thank you to Sheila as well for organizing the swap.

Summer is flying by, and we are just starting to get some of those temps. I have been busy at work and trying to do a little canning making pickles and last night I make up a couple jars of cherry pie filling from some home grown cherries from a neighbour....... it looks tasty.

 I have don a little sew but  not as much as I would like to be doing. I almost have 2 quilt covers finished and then I will work on my pin cushion for the next hop that I am taking part in.

Thanks for stopping by
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  1. I love the postcard that Raewyn made for you , she did a wonderful job for her first postcard ! Cherry pie filling sounds rather yummy , can I come for supper ;-) I am busy with pincushions too , can't wait to see what you have created !

  2. Hi Annette, it is nice to see my card at your place, over there in Canada. It looks like it travelled ok although I thought half way through that the white/cream background wasn't very practical. I thought it may turn up grey after all that travelling! Your cherry pie filling sounds delicious. It sounds like you are stocking up well for the cooler months.