Tuesday, August 27, 2013

trying to get a few things done

Got them done..... 2 quilt covers.
 Once I got started they were no problem it was just to get started. This summer I was finding it hard to get to my machine or even feel that I had the umph to do any sewing.
I think they turned out pretty good. I did one with a hidden button closure and one with a zipper closure. I also added buttonhole corners inside and put buttons on the quilts corners to help keep them in place. It sure is a nice way to save a quilt or give an older quilt a fresh look.
new look for a couple older quilts
buttons to keep them cornered

 I have a few blocks to make for EQ7 Summer Draw along as well as quilting another scrappy quilt. I think my UFO's have grown and it is time to get them cleaned up as well. I think that I am not alone with my UFO's , sew I feel that I am in good company. Now just to get at them with all the extra jobs of the fall and the garden.
                                                           this years syrup is done : )

Last night I also finished up my chokecherries. I made the juice on Sunday and the syrup last night. I think the next job will be corn and tomatoes as well as some bread and butter pickles.  ...... how many days are there in a week ...... sure could use a extra one , or maybe even two to get it all done.
With summer winding down and most of the holidays have been taken at work I should be back to my regular hours next week and then, maybe then I will start to play catch up.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing / hearing what I have been up to
stay......... in stitches

                               Fall is in the air and the crops are getting ready to go in the bin.


  1. sounds like you have still been pretty busy ! Now that we finally have some summer weather, it is hard to stay in and sew, isnt it?

  2. You have been very busy Annette and what a great way to keep a cover in place . I never tasted chokecherry juice , is it a sweet juice or tangy ? Sounds like ou have plenty to keep you busy for a,while . Enjoy.