Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ah .... summer

Well we are definitely having summer now, It's been +30 and humidity making it feel hot and sticky. I think this is what summer can be about we just have not had one in a few years. Sew some of us are in the basements keeping our cool and other have the air conditioners running. Sew as we keep our cool I hope to get a couple projects done in the evenings and enjoy the summer on the weekends at the lake.
Samples are all done for the shop and the postcards will be bundled and mailed off in the morning as I think it will be weeks before I will get there again.
I think it is time for some iced tea and a magazine .... sew until next time stay institches

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  1. Hi Annette... hope you are managing to keep cool... Ihave heard it has been such a hot summer... is it more so than usual?
    WE are colder than usual..... mmmm