Sunday, July 10, 2011

Twilight Ball Weekend

It's been a busy weekend here. Watrous hosted the Twilight baseball tournament. Sew we had a chance to visit with a bunch of the guys from the team that hubby played baseball with. Hubby had asked the team and families over for supper on Friday night about half the team was here and we did not run out of food, which is what I worried about. We had done up 3 roasts on the BBQ and I had made a few salads, a baked bean dish punch and the extras that go with all of that. We had a nice evening for a visit out side and had a camp fire as well.
Hubby had been asked to through out the first pitch at the opening ceremonies, which was a nice honour wish I could have been there too. We took in most of the games hubby did not miss any  played by the team he used to play with, they lost out in the semi final this morning. Maybe next year boys.

This weekend also was the artist trail. This is the first one that I have been home to take in. I did get to 6 of the 10 spots and did a little shopping at a couple of them. There was a nice variety of paintings and pottery. I picked up one item as a thought for a goodies for our family reunion that we are planing for 2015  .... I want to be ready and organized well ahead of time. Sew I have to run it by a few of the family that I hope to get involved with the planing.  I think it will be a fun time as we always have a great time we we have the chance to get together .

It's been a cool and windy week end with some rain and a bit of a storm on Friday night . Not the typical ball weather. Sew there where a lot of quilts at the ball park today just to keep warm. That is something that I have to make a few more of,   Quilts for the ball park ... you know the ones that it is okay to drag around and get dirty.  I like the ones made from old blue jeans as they are durable and thick, and will stop the wind from getting through. Sometimes I will back them with a coat weight fabric that blocks the wind and rain ..... I think I still need to make a couple of these for some of my family  I will have to start to make a list of these projects and maybe do a photo shoot  of them in progress.

And on my sewing front I was able to get a few alterations done and only have a wedding gown left to tackle. I do hope to get that done this week sew that I can get back to a few of my own projects and patterns.

sew stay in stitches until next time

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