Thursday, July 7, 2011

new little treasures

When I was helping my mom she gave me a package that she had been holding of a while. This is something that I have thought about working with but knew that it would be a while collecting with out further adu here they are.........
sew now that I have almost 60 vintage hankies I can start to plan a quilt with them . They vary with size style and fabrics used. Some have embroidery
One hanking even has the wors to Jingle bells
written on it ... maybe a little wall hanging with this one
This one looks like silk from China and the ones below are done by hand. The hankies had belonged to a couple of my moms step aunts who where school teaches . Some had price tags of .10 to .15 cents
 I have a few other treasure that where thiers as well. some craft and  jewellery  that they had been given as gifts from students no doubt.

Sew now that I have shared this little treasure
I will head off to bed .
 If any one has an idea for these hankies I am open to suggestions for making them into a special little quilt.
sew until tomorrow
stay in stitches

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