Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prizes and posies

This weekend I took in the artist trail. When you visited each of the different artists they stamped your passport I managed to get to 6 of them. When you where finished you dropped off your passport to go into a draw.   And this morning at work I was presented with a painting by Michael Gaudet of Danceland down at Manitou Springs just outside of Watous.There is a lot of history behind Danceland and it's horse hair dance floor. Sew this was a very nice surprise.

Well I was outside i thought I would take a couple pics of the posies that are in bloom. The rose bush has over 50 buds on it, it was a gift from the girls at work when my father in law passed. We can not believe how well it is doing.

The Lillie's are growing along the fence and are just starting to bloom as well they have gotten quite tall this year, over 4 ft. The other posies is one growing on the side of the garage, just bright and sunny one that I just can't think of the name right now.

Christmas post cards in progress
On the sewing front I have gotten a few more alterations done and have gotten back to the post cards for the store., for the demo night. I am making Christmas ones this time. Sew I am just playing with ideas and scraps of holiday prints to see what I can come up with.

Off to take a couple more pics to upload ......sew until next time stay in stitches
Hugs Annette
just a little taste of summer.....mmmm

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