Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer visitor

Last week I had a very interesting visitor in my backyard. I was taking the peelings out to the compost and this is who I woke up. She was sleeping in the shade of the garage. Everyon thought she would have been eating in the garden but the lettuce is untouched.

On the weekend we where at the campgrounds and the kids at the next camper found a lone baby duckling beside another that did not make it. The water at the lake came up over the last week again sew we thinkthat the nest might have gotten to close and momma left. But the kids are looking after the babe and are trying to keep it fed and warm sew that they can release it a little later this summer.
lucky ducky

We are having a nice warm spell right now ,,,,,,,hmmmmm summer ..... it's sew nice to have you back, we have missed you the last couple of years.

I have also been busy working in the yard , pulling weeds ,watering plants and tending to the veggies. I want to tidy it up a little as we are palning on haveing the twilight ball team over for a bbq I think I will need all the room out there  that I can find . It will be great to see the gang. Hubby retired from the baseball team last year and when we hear that the games where here this year he wanted to treat the guys to a meal with us. Sew I will be busy getting that ready for the next day or sew.
I miss my sewing machine I have not been there for a few days now ... hard to believe for some of my friends.   Soon I will get there... I hope.
I do have a treasure to share .... maybe next time
I am off to work
in stitches Annette 

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