Friday, August 5, 2011

getting started on new projects

Well I have officially started my daughters quilt.I will go out side to do some of the cutting and might just set the machine up out there as well ... it is a gorgeous day out and the sunshine is calling me.It's been hard to be indoors sewing when it is sew nice out. ( another Shadowbox quilt in batiks )
It's been hard to get a start at a few of my projects I keep letting other get ahead of me.Sew now that I have started with the quilt for my girlie i will plan a few more projects including a couple bras from the kits I picked up in June.I know that sound crazy but they are not that hard to make .
The garden has been producing many cucumbers and zucchinis, we had a feed of new potatoes as well, cooked with dill  and served with butter, sew basic and good.
the carrots will not be to far off and the beats as well ..... then that will mean a few extra jobs to do I'm right out of beat pickles, and I will make up some beat rolls for the family to enjoy.
Sew I  am off to cut strips at the patio table and catch a few rays as well.
Stay in stitches

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