Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend is over back to the grind

Well the weekend is all but over. We enjoyed sun some rain with a thunder and lighting show, northern lights and a bit of fishing ..... or just dragging a hook in the water far the only thing I have caught is weeds.... maybe next time I will get a nibble.  
It was great to see the crops are turning and the farmers will be out swathing soon , that is if they are not all ready hard at it.
 Sew now that i am home again I am busy catching up with the wash ( hanging out on the line already) and getting organized for the next week . My week off went by sew fast that I am ready to start it all over again but it is back to work in the morning as one of my co workers has some time off now.
We did get a nice visit in with some friends that have a cottage at the same lake that we camp at. They just had a new grandson, and grandma is looking for a quilt. Sew now I will have to go a figure out prices for some of the quilts I have on hand.
I do have to get back to my quilting It seams that I have put if off too long . I did get started on the quilt for our daughter and will work at it until I am ready for the border then we have to pick out something that we think will work. I also want to work on a couple baby quilts and a couple rider quilts for our son and my hubby .( rider quilts that i make are made with the Sask. Rough Rider flags that were in the boxes of beer the last couple of years they are the provincial football team)
Well I am off to hang some more laundry
have a good rest of the day
in stitches

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