Monday, August 15, 2011

off to Humboldt

The class I was to teach is on hold for now. Not enough students in the summer time, is our guess ,sew we will try the tote class again at a later date.
Sew now I have a free day, and a friend and  I will go for a drive to Humboldt and visit the shop to get a  few goodies and have a visit as well as we all are busy it seams in the summertime.
I may find some fabric to finish the baby quilt, might pick up the challenge fabric for the stitches conference, I will have to check and see if I need any thing more for the bras I want to sew up, and who knows what else we will find there. Next we will go to Nutter's .. the bulk/health food store .... one of the places I get some of the foods I can cook with.... gluten free...
It looks pretty good out there not too much rain with the storm   more like a thunder shower I will be watering later in the day.
With the start of a new week one can make new lists for items to get done......I still have not gotten those Christmas stockings built I just have to have them ready for the babes name as he or she is not here until Christmas time, I just want to be ready.And I should get some of my UFOs done sew that i can move them to the finished list.Sew lets just see what I get sewn this  week. I sure helps to let you know what I have been doing, sew thank you for letting me share. 
Later this week I will draw for one of my Summer daze tote patterns, just leave me a comment and tell me what fabrics you might make it out of, and be a follower. It uses 2 or 3 contrasting fabrics and one accent fabric.
left has 3 colors right has 2 colors ,plus accent flap
I will make the draw Thursday.
staying in stitches

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