Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall is in the air

quilting at the campsite
it's finished
Well it is getting to that time of year...... fall I am not ready for it I have been enjoying summer alot this year.
Last week was very much summer except for one tree.... in our campsite of course .... it has turned yellow and was dropping it's leaves.
just a touch of fall

the chokecherry tree
There were chokecherries to pick there as well sew of courxe I picked enough for a couple more batches of syurp, 32 pints . I think that should be enough for this year.

I did manage to work on a quilt the one day that I was alone at the camper as well as little reading .
set up on the picnic table with my feather weight
some good reading and a few new projects to try
 I got a few walks in and a few days on the beach for a swim and just some good old relaxing  . I even had a cook on some days.
Sew now it is off to work I go.
Take care out there
Stay in stitches

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  1. How nice to spend time camping , I camped a lot as a young girl with my parents and those are very fond memories.Love the featherweight , lucky you,the quilt is very pretty great job.