Sunday, August 14, 2011

the weekend of fish flies

Boy Oh Boy was this the weekend of fish flies..   little flying bugs , bigger than mosquitoes , but they do not bit. they do how ever leave little green specks on everything ...campers chairs people . They were sew crazy that you could hear them all night long and only got a little quieter when the sun started to come up.You did not walk in the shad or thought the trees or you would get a mouth full of these little pests.I know our next weekend out will be spent washing things down to get there poop off of the camper and anything we had out side.
We did find on place that was not to bad with them ... out on the water

Saturday we went tubing and took our friends out ,  they came to Canada a few years back. This was the first summer that they had the chance to go tubing. they enjoyed it and will do it again .
we had a great time with them and went boating after supper .
Sunday hubby and I went out to try our hand a t fishing. We fell that there just are not any fish in that lake ... at least not for us.But then we talked to our neighbour out on the water and he gave us a hook ( a special one he said and hard to find here in Canada )to try and told us where to try as he has mapped out the areas that have worked for him. It was crazy in less than 5 minutes I had a fish on the hook and landed in the boat ... about a three pound pickerel
August 14/11 finally my fist fish on Long Lake...And I though it must have been weeds again

well that storm is still making noise out there, I forgot that I could unplug and just use battery power on the lap top sew I was still able to get this post in .
Sew now I will get off the system and curl up with a novel for a little bit before I head off to bed
Good night all
in stitches

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