Tuesday, May 1, 2012

getting ready .... Stitches Conference in May

strip sets ...sewn & pressed
ready to go
new w.i.p.

I have been busy getting my prep work done for the classes that I have signed up for at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference hosted by Haus of Stitches in Humboldt SK.
getting classes packed by the bag.....
if they will fit in a bag...

Almost all organized just a couple things to get together and an apron to make for fabric painting.

It is grad here in town this week and I have made a couple Grad- Cookies to add with a couple gifts. I have been making these huge cookies for about 14 years or sew.. they always seam to be a hit. and a few years back I started giving the pizza pan that they are cooked on as well.

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network ( link on my side bar) I site with Canadian gals and their Handy works

in stitches

If you chose to there is a link on my blog to the Mc Calls Quilting Quilt Design Star 2012 with a quilt I have designed....... look around and cast your vote for your fav and leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you think of my quilt.  There are some nice quilts entered, in each of the two categories.


  1. Great idea! A graduation cookie! Must take at least an hour to eat! your quilt is great, I put my vote in...

  2. You have things well organized for the conference , i am sure it will be a lot o fun and a great learning experience too. I voted for you today :-) oh that cookie is amazing , the kids must love those . Hugs Sheila

  3. Hi Annette, I voted, and it really is a beautiful quilt, looks like you will be very prepared for ur workshop, m

  4. It is lunch time; and that cookie looks delicious...I am voting too. Thanks for your comments on the WIPs...they are outdoorsie aren't they...lol

  5. great organization, great quilt. I voted and hope you do well.

  6. I wish you lots of fun at our workshops!

  7. mmmmm....cookie looks great! What a good idea!

  8. Gorgeous quilt, Annette! Good luck! You know, if you wanted to share your graduation cookie recipe, you could start a trend across Canada... I'd gladly make it and do my part to spread it out there. :)

  9. Beautiful quilt Annette! I wonder how many minutes it would take for that cookie to be devoured in my house? Yum!

  10. Now that's a cookie! Looks so yummy. I voted for your quilt. I love your design and the fabrics you used are perfect.