Friday, September 9, 2011

Crazy for Candles Pattern info

I have had a few quilters looking in about the candle mat the Fiona from BubzRugz had made and had on her post a week ago ( Great job Fiona I enjoyed your post and all the goodies you had made for the holidays already )
Sew here I go
I had drafted up the pattern for a class that I had taught a couple winters ago and then started to sell it in the shop that I taught in. I like to do up my own patterns sew not to get caught in the copy right with other designers ( the shop I taught in at the time did not like to get in many patterns and wanted me yo just make copies of other designers ,as this is what her guild had done. She was a small shop and did not stay open very long )
The patterns went over very well and the students loved making the mats for themselves and gifts they are easier than they look . As I tell my students " easy as making rice krispie cake...if I tell them puff wheat cake then they know that it is a little harder"( my puff wheat cake always seamed to fall apart into cocoa puffs until I started to add a few marshmallows to the syrup).
Crazy for candles ...fall

Sew now back to the patterns...... I do have them for sale  @  $10.00 Canadian plus shipping .
until October 31 I will pay the shipping If anyone is interested in the pattern.
I am hoping to make a link on my blog to my patterns but have not gotten there yet.I think I will have to have one of my kids help me with that
crazy for candles .... winter

And with the pattern I do allow what I call oops room and if you do not need it you could make one of these
A table mat / runner
I have made a few different items out of the  extra oops pieces from long runners to small place mats. It is fun to play with  the bits left over to see what you can create.
Sew do drop me a line if you are at all interested, and we'll see what we can do to get the patterns out to you. I am also working on another runner idea and will share that one soon.

 At the moment here in Canada in the prairies it has been a beautiful summer we are still having temps in the 30's c they say that they should last a few more days before it becomes seasonal here.  The farmers  in our area are having a great harvest with out a frost. The farmers in the south of the province were not so lucky as it was to wet to get the crops in from all the flooding.

I will close with a pic of my front step with my morning glories.... they are having a good year as well.

Sew until next time stay in stitches
hugs Annette


  1. Great pattern Annette ,I love crazy patch style . Your morning glories are incredible and how nice you are still having such lovely summer temperatures :-)

  2. I am going to put you on my sidebar , perhaps it will help get a few more visitors , you have a lovely blog that needs to be shared .

  3. You will think I am crazy , I found out the problem I had asked google to keep me signed in and it wouldn't allow me to do anything or at least I thought it wouldn't so you may get several messages from me , sorrrrrry .The message kept coming up that I did not have access to this account and asking me to sign in which I tried and it would just go back to that screen again until I signed out of google . I'm sorry for being a pest just wanted you to know that I like your candle mat and your blog! You can erase the extra messages .thanks

  4. I'm glad you like what I made... I think I must do more...yours are inspiring me.... I love those morning glories.. always a lovely show...