Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cool and cloudy

Well I think we are into fall now we had a very good run on summer this year I do hope that we have a few more great days ahead yet.
I have been doing a little sewing for others once again some alterations and a little quilt sew far, next I will start on a Man's outdoor kitchen covers . this is a extra large BBQ built into a granite bar with a side stove and a large bank of stainless steel drawers, Not sure why folks think that it is just a quick and easy job. Sew it will be interesting to work on and I hope the fittings go well. I hope to have it done with in the week, now that I have picked up the supplies that I think I will need to sew it up.

I have my daughter's quilt top all put together next to piece the backing and find a spot to put it all together. It measures 100" x 106" . I have told her that I hope to have it ready by our thanksgiving ( Oct. 10 here in Canada ). Which she wants to have this year sew when we go to her home she and I will work on the matching roman blind for her bedroom.

shadow box quilt
close up of border fabric

With the cool weather today I will be putting some zucchini soup on . I do enjoy this one and have reduced the calories in it by using 2% milk instead of cream , we thought it was just fine this way. I also just saw another version of it with a cream cheese blended in instead of the cream ...... oh the possibilities. 

Zucchini Bisque Soup
1-2 tsp marg / butter /olive oil
1 large onion
1 1/2 pounds cubed zucchini
2 cups chicken broth
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp basil
salt and pepper
1 cup cream or evaporated milk

Boil onion ,butter and zucchini with chicken stock for 15 mins. Let cool slightly. Puree in 2 batches. to the first batch add nutmeg basil and 1/2 the cream. add remaining cream to second batch. blend together. serve hoe or cold. Freezes well

I tend to blend it all at the same time with a hand blender which works just fine for me ... less dishes
I also will add cheddar cheese and steamed broccoli or cauliflower in the microwave.  leftover potatoes and crumbed bacon are good as well.

Its  a little warmer now ... maybe 8, sure a long way from the weekend which was in the low 30's.
this is what is at the sewing machine at the moment, the BBQ cover will be later today. I have a few errands to run,
 sew take care out there
 and if you have a bunch of zucchini around give the soup a try I know we all like it here even hubby.
in stitches and hugs


  1. I love your daughters quilt... great work... and I am so impressed in your making that beautiful BBQ cover.... I will be making the soup.... I do love soup...

  2. It looks like you are going to be extra busy this week , the quilt looks wonderful , lots of interesting colors . Thanks for the soup recipe , I love homemade soup so will give this a try . Happy Stitching!