Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall

It's hard to believe but looking at the calendar it is official, Fall has arrived. I have always thought it was the 21 of September but now I here it could be just today...... I think I will go with what I know instead of what I heard.
We are still having some nice temps through the day and cool fall temps for the nights and early mornings. The other morning it was thick with fog here, sew I guess that means that we should have a good snow fall just before Christmas.There is an old saying that 90 days after fog you will have moisture.
I do enjoy each season as they come and  we have had a couple of nice ones sew far this year. Some areas in the province can not say the same as they had an awful wet spring and the farmers  could not get into the fields, and that means that there is no harvest for them. : (

I went for a drive yesterday to pick up my mom from my sister's  place in Regina. Today my brother and his wife ( a good friend and my former neighbour ) will be here and spending a couple days. I will be good to have a house full and get some visits in but that means I will not get any quilting done until next week . Oh well I think I can do it I know it will be hard  maybe I will take some hand work up stairs just to keep the jitters away. lol
Next week  I hope to take mom to the town she lived in before moving in with my sister sew that she can visit a few of her friends, and maybe I can check in with one of my old buddies.
Sew I will try to stay in stitches and I hope you  will to
Hugs Annette


  1. Enjoy your visit with your family, I am sure your Mom is happy to be spending this week with you the sewing can wait but I am like you I would have to at least have some handwork to keep me busy :-0

  2. Hi Annette , not sure if you realize you are a non reply blogger so as far as I know if I send you a reply to a comment you won't get it . I did reply to your emails but have no idea if they actually got there ,just thought you might want to know .

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