Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

A couple of my small ideas

Here are a couple of little things that I keep near my sewing area.
This first one is one of hubby's favorites as it keeps the shape pins corralled
It's just a old pill bottle with a small hole punched in the lid. It hold all old and broken shapes .... needles and pins
I used a sewing awl to punch the tiny hole in the center of the lid, just
big enough of the needles to pass through

Sew that you do not find them when gathering the garbage.Or on the floor with ones feet.

The second is a paper clip cup it's magnetic and has a large opening. It's great for those stray pins at the ironing board or when you are stitching in another room. Note  I do not keep any magnetic items near my sewing machine as they tend to scramble their brains.

Well those are my tidbits for today.
Stay in stitches
Hugs Annette

a note to Squirt ... I will have a look for some ideas on a memorial quilt or see what I can draft up for you, You could also check out Moda bakeshop as they have a great number of patterns and great directions.


  1. Great ideas.... those pins can hurt on toes!!

  2. Great ideas Annette , and very useful .Thanks