Wednesday, September 21, 2011

look what i found

And I was not even looking

Betty Crocker has gone gluten free and is here in our local grocery store.
Last year it was featured in a few magazines as a base for baking Christmas cookies.( one was Canadian Living  2009 I guess it was longer than just last year)
Sew of course I had to try it out when I got it home, and hubby needed some baking for his lunch box.

We had some for dessert last night and it was okay. Hubby thinks a little dry and was glad to see thick and dark chocolate icing on it. The texture is really nice , it's been a long time since I had cake sew, I can not say if it is dryer than a regular cake made with wheat flour.
I do think I will buy it again, I did buy two which was half of what they had on the shelves yesterday they where $ 6.29. Gluten free seams to be a little more pricey that regular but I think it is worth it.I hope they get a few other items from Betty in to.

Well now on the sewing front
The bridesmaid dress is done, it was a rush as the bridesmaid only got home Monday  from Toronto (where she lives)and the dress arrived at my home  Tuesday morning for the first fitting and the wedding is Saturday. We had a second fitting last night and then I finished the alterations and closed up all open seams.  The dress looks great when it fits the way it was intended to. Sew glad I was prepared for it as the mom talked to me back in August.

I have about half of the shadow box quilt boxes quilted with feathers.I is going well and I am enjoying the process and fell very comfortable quilting feathers. They are becoming one of my favorite mfits to quilt.
That's all for now time to think about getting ready for work and quilting a few more feathers.
until next time stay in stitches.

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