Saturday, November 26, 2011

100 th post

Just noticed that I had 99 posts to date.
Sew I thought I would do just a short post to let you all know what I am up to this week end.
I finished quilting my disappearing 9 patch Christmas quilt now I just have to do the binding. I do  want to do a couple more candle mats and a few post cards. Either today or tomorrow afternoon I will be making the strudel, I have to get a few items first.
I been working with my EQ6 having to relearn the lessons sew that I can play with it more later and I have sent for the upgrade to EQ7. It sounds very useful for patterns and for blogging. I hope to design with it this winter.
The weather here is crazy, last week it was -30 and Sunday will be +11 sew our snow should be gone I just hope we do not get any more rain which only = ice at this time of year.Today is sunny with a breeze which makes it feel cooler
Hubby and our son have been out hunting, only one buck sew far...... maybe later this afternoon they will be lucky and get the other one. Not sure I hubby will be going out more as he has a second tag. Do not think we need three deer in the freezer.
It sure has been a lot of learning on the computer and with in the blog.Sew glad that I have made a few good buddies that help me along when I run into a glitch.
There is sew much out there ...... great blogs with folks just willing to share ideas and stories
and we all have the same passion  .... to create in many mediums including fabric. one of my favs.
Well I must be off to get the apples
sew have a great weekend and stay in stitches


  1. Nice to hear that you'rea enjoying this...I love it. I just don't have enough time to read as much as I would like. So much help on here; and new ideas...I wish I could attempt them all!!

  2. Your weekend sounds busy , as is mine , no time to blog today :-( Glad you were able to get that button on your blog ,it sounds like it will be fun and informative. Have fun making your strudel sure wish I could have a piece :-)

  3. Saw your little candle mat design on HugzBugz so I popped over here to check it out. I think I'll stay and 'follow' along awhile :)