Sunday, November 6, 2011

the first snow

the first snow of the season
just a dusting sew far

well it had to happen ..... this morning we woke up to snow on the ground , snow in the air.
looks kind of pretty...... that is if you don't get to much. I'm thinking that my kids have a lot more than we do.

Today we take a couple of fiends to the airport in the city , they are off to visit down under . It is spring time there with nice warm temps  25+ and humidity . We wish them a great holiday as they have been planning this one for a long while. They will be meeting a couple that they met over the Internet 5+ years ago.
square in a square quilt .......
quilting little flowers in the main part

Not to much sewing happening just a little machine quilting ....having a few issues with thread breakage, but I think I am getting that worked out.
I almost have the last of the 3 runners bound.

Well I will be back to my own schedule ... sort of  sew I may have a little more time and energy to get at things.  I hope.
I have decided that I will pass on any more alterations that come my way,that I did not know about earlier, until I get caught up a bit. I have a couple of friends that said that they would like to be doing this sew I think it will work out fine and I will not feel bad about saying "no".

Sew go out and have a great day.  Enjoy what ever comes your way.
In stitches and Hugs


  1. That is a neat picture of the snow , better you than me though ;-) Love the quilt you are working on and your quilting looks terrific .I don't particularly like doing alterations either , I'd much rather start from scratch .Enjoy your day . hugs Sheila

  2. It seems so strange to see the snow this early... it's a lovely picture thought.... love what you are working on....