Saturday, November 19, 2011

Post Card Class and Winter

Post card make and take night went well even with a old fashioned winter storm. Not as many folks out but there were over a dozen ladies making the post cards through the evening. And most of the gals picked up supplies to make more on their own. This is always good for the shop.
I forgot my camera sew sorry n o pics this time.

The trip home was a dozy , at times I could not see to much of the road.  Glad that this only was half the way home, leaving Humboldt  you could see for 1/4 mile and the snow was not to bad but the last part at times you could not see much of the highway.And when I got to town the roads where very heavy with the new snowfall.
snow covered backyard
 I should go and fill the bird feeder

have to get the shovel out

 Sew Now it looks just like a Christmas card out there. Fridays morning it was -29c with the wind chill and now the weather man is saying +4 on Wednesday ...just crazy.
I think at times I am one of the few who does not mind the  weather ....... tis the season and with each season comes different weather and I like to enjoy each season as they come. Not everyone get the four seasons as we do.And this year here we have have the seasons just perfect...... a nice spring a hot summer and a long fall sew we will see what winter brings.

We have our son home for a few days, he and DH are hunting. DH got a buck the other day and they have seen a few more out there but no luck for our boy just yet. DH has a second tag sew if they get all their deer we will be making a lot of sausage in the next month.

Sew I wish you all a warm and cozy weekend with some stitching and sharing time with loved ones.
In stitches


  1. The trip home in the storm didn't sound like too much fun , I hate driving in those conditions . Glad the class went well though and I know the ladies will enjoy making lots of postcards now that you have shown them how :-)Enjoy your snow .
    hugs Sheila
    ps.I am one of those who doesn't like the cold ;-0

  2. Though I don't want snow ....that is a very pretty picture....and it makes me want to wrap

  3. I am with you. I love winter! It reminds you that you are alive!!:) I also love the deer! Mmmm. I don't hunt but have aboriginal friends and family that do. Mmmmm!!! Now I am hungry. Lol

  4. Sounds like a productive night. Look at all that snow! I can't imagine it being that cold :)